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Serving More Than Dinner

As they sat down to discuss Sunday’s message at dinner group week after week, Dan and Victor started to feel an itch. They wanted to do more than dream about loving their neighbors and impacting their city. They wanted to get off the couch and into the streets.

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When There’s No Time for Dinner Group

When I first started attending Hoboken Grace, I was working 60 to 70 hours a week. By the time I got home I was wiped and exhausted. Then one Sunday a man named Steve invited me to join his dinner group. I hesitated to say yes because I wasn't getting home 'til 8 or 9, and by that point, I just wanted to go home, kick my shoes off and relax. I didn't feel like I had the capacity for one more thing.

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Common People. Common Table. Common Goal.

Dinner groups have always been at the core of Hoboken Grace. Every dinner group is made up of common people from diverse backgrounds, gathered at a common table, pursuing a common goal. It is a practical and hopeful pathway for everyone seeking a closer relationship with God. Whether you are taking your first steps toward God or are a longtime follower of Jesus, dinner group will meet you right where you are.

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Growing Together and Separately

While Hoboken Grace offers couples the opportunity to join dinner groups together, many continue to attend a group on their own. "While it is important that my husband and I grow together in our faith, it is also important that we grow separately," says Sarah. "The more time I pursue Christ on my own, the more I recognize Him as my Savior and the one certainty in my life, and I don’t expect my husband to step into that impossible role.”

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PORTRAITS: Stepping Off the Stage

“God kept on coming back to me and telling me that we could get through this together,” says Jen. “He said it would be hard, but that it was time for me to stretch, time for me to grow, time for me to trust Him. And He promised me that I would learn a whole lot about Him and myself in the process.”

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You Want ME to Lead?

Noelle joined a dinner group her first Sunday at Hoboken Grace, but she was shocked when, just a few months later, she was asked to lead a group herself. “I immediately said no,” she recalls. “It was something I had no interest in doing. I had my group, and I was happy. At the time, I thought that I had […]

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Food For Thought: Stories From Our Dinner Groups

The holidays are meant to be a time for celebration, an opportunity to gather with those we love and look back on the experiences we’ve shared over the past year. Of course, gathering together with loved ones also tends to come with something else: Food, and lots of it. This week, we’re celebrating the holidays by talking about one of […]

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Dinner Group

2017 Dinner Groups resume the week of January 8th and new groups launch January 22nd. You can sign up for a Dinner Group now! Dinner Groups are a great way to start building community by engaging with God while having fun. Here are 5 reasons we think you should join us for dinner in 2017: 1. Dinner is planned It […]

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Creating Real Community

When I moved to this city five years ago, I was newly engaged, diving into my fiance’s existing network of friends and church family in Hoboken. Seven hundred miles away, I left behind an amazing community of friends and a church I loved. As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships, but starting from scratch […]

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