Downtown Community Turns 1!

Hoboken Grace moved into Jersey City three years ago, launching a separate location in Hamilton Park. From Day One, its goal was to love the community in a way that mirrors God’s love for His people. The church began pouring into the community through initiatives such as Simple Service and 1Day Jersey City. And as it opened its doors each […]

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PORTRAITS: Finding Value

In the seven years after graduating from college, Diane has moved four times. And as she moved in and out of apartments, up and down the East Coast, her sense of self-worth was just as unsettled as her living situation.

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Reckless Love

All too often our love is a love that is reckless with the hearts of those around us. The pain of that can be powerful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Join us this Sunday as we begin to look at the shocking way in which God has loved us, and the seemingly reckless truth about how we can […]

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We’re Celebrating Easter in an Uber Way!

We are always looking for new and creative ways to love our city. This Easter we’re going big! If you’re looking to catch an Uber within Hoboken on Easter Sunday, the local portion of your ride is on us. We’re picking up the tab on rides for the first 5,000 people whose trip begins in Hoboken! You can go anywhere you’d […]

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Help Us Love Well Together!

We want to make sure that this Sunday we’re able to love your friends, family, co-workers and guests well! In order for that to happen, we’re asking for our regular attendees to commit to attend the 8:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. service. This will allow us to ensure that we have room for every person who attends. If you’ve invited […]

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Hope and a Home in Guatemala City

Within Guatemala City, Guatemala, there exists an area infamous for its stark poverty that is simply known as “the dump.” As Latin America’s second-largest garbage disposal site, it has spawned entire communities of lower-class families that turn to it as their source of daily income. The dump is a literal trash city: Squalid neighborhoods surround its perimeter as it sustains […]

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A Commitment Worth Celebrating

Once a month at Hoboken Grace, we celebrate baptism with members of our church family. It’s a physical symbol that represents a spiritual change — a new life found in Christ. This month is no different. We will be celebrating baptisms next on Easter Sunday. (You can find out more by attending one of the baptism classes held after each service this week.) For Margarita, who took the […]

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The Easter Egg Hunt That Changed Everything

For Shanta, Hoboken Grace’s annual Easter Egg Hunt brings her family together to share in the excitement of the event, but also to discuss the true meaning of Easter. Each spring after moving to Cliffside Park four years ago, Shanta looked for a fun, inexpensive Easter activity for her children but found nothing in their neighborhood. Then, two years ago, […]

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Where Will You Go?

Are you interested in going on a mission trip this year? Are you worried that you’ve waited too long to sign up? Don’t fret: There’s still time! Mission trips are an opportunity to serve the physical and spiritual needs of others as you show them the love of Christ. Sound like something you’d like to do? Check out these four […]

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