•  The Hoboken Christmas Exchange

    This Christmas come together with your neighbors to ensure that no child in our city goes without a gift.

Dec 9
Gift Exchange

This Christmas we’re coming together with as neighbors to ensure that no child in our city goes without a gift!

What does it mean to adopt a family or a child?

If you would like to give multiple gifts, you may want to consider adopting a family. These can include multiple children and maybe even a parent or two. Families have all been screened prior to matching with an adoptee to ensure validity of their claims.

If you’d like to buy a gift for a single child, you may choose “child” upon submission and you’ll be matched with a child in need and his/her wish list.

What happens after I sign up to adopt a family or child?

You’ll receive an email shortly after with the gender(s) and wish lists of the individual(s) you’ve adopted. Once you do, you’ll be able to shop for their gifts!

If I adopt a child, what should my budget be?

We are stating a limit of around $25 per individual though you may decide to purchase below or above that at your discretion.

If I adopt a family, do I have to buy gifts for everyone on the list?

While it would be helpful to complete the full list of needs for each member of the family, we understand situations may arise. Please contact anthony@edgewatergrace.com or call (201) 705-0660 should you be unable to fulfill a wish list.

If I shop online, can I ship my gifts directly to the church or can I drop off the gift prior to the distribution day?

We cannot accept packages delivered unfortunately, however you may drop off your wrapped gifts and lists at Hoboken Grace Community Church at any one of our designated times.


I’ve signed up to adopt a family or child but am no longer able to purchase a gift.

Please contact anthony@edgewatergrace.com or call (201) 705-0660 should any issues arise.

Do I have to wrap my gifts?

Please do. Gifts that are already wrapped have a special way of exciting a child. This will ensure the surprise and excitement will be genuine.

I would like to help out with the event.

If you’re available to help out on the Distribution Day, we need as many “elves” as possible! We need people to help with wrapping, family portraits, card making, gift giving and cookie eating! Sign up HERE to serve on December 9th!

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