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Hoboken Grace is a diverse and growing community church seeking to love and serve our city as we celebrate everything God has done for us.

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Hear the vision and learn more about how we’re working to create home!

Easter at Hoboken Grace!

Join us for our biggest celebration of the year!

Hear the stories of people just like you who have found their way back to God. If you’d like to share your story, click here.

Don’t just be an observer, be part of what God is doing at Hoboken Grace! From production, engagement, communications, kids, and outreach teams to care, arts, and analytics teams – there are plenty of teams to choose from. Don’t just sit in the stands, get on the field!
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Since I started getting involved at Hoboken Grace it has been life changing, a wonderful blessing and God showed me He has the right place for me! I found the family and community I was longing for being so far away from my home.

Flor Browne

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