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The Gift of Christmas

The Fifth Annual Hoboken Christmas Exchange was this past weekend and we were blown away by the outpouring of love that was shown. This event was started just a few years ago to make sure that no child or senior citizen went without a gift on Christmas. The mission is simple: collect and distribute gifts to those in need for […]

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Inside Story at Amplify

Whether told through words, pictures, sounds or actions, truly great stories communicate principle, meaning, value and connection, and can be continually experienced and expanded upon in countless ways. No one can resist a timeless and epic story. That’s why this past Saturday almost 300 people dove into our one-day Amplify event and chose their own adventure from eight growth tracks […]

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The Power of Serving

639 Volunteers. 33 Projects. 1 City. Every year, the Hoboken community comes together to take part in 1Day. It’s a day when volunteers from all different walks of life reach out their hands, and their hearts, to enhance the community and serve those who live here. The moment the volunteers began to pour into the gym for registration Saturday morning, […]

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