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My Starting Point

Kate was trying to get a sense of where she belonged. She’d spent years wrestling with the picture of God she’d developed as a child, an image that didn’t line up with her adult beliefs. In her heart, though, Kate sensed that God was full of grace and forgiveness.

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Untapped Resources

Questions We Don’t Ask at Church React or Angular? Is G Suite ready for enterprise? RAID10 with spinning disks or RAID5 with SSDs? Stay technical or get into management? What’s interviewing at Amazon like? How much should I negotiate the offer? I spent most of my career in the technology industry, and those are some of the many questions that […]

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Sharing Dinner Around the World

When we launched our dinner groups this fall, we started hearing some incredible stories about lives being changed and community being formed. But one of the stories we never expected to see coming walking into this was that dinner groups started to take place around the world!   We currently have a group running at Ohio State University, a family group […]

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Family or Community? Do Both!

Choosing whether to have a family or be a part of a community doesn’t have to be an either-or-choice. I must admit, for the first 10 years of living in Hoboken, I never understood why it was so difficult to make plans with a parent. But that all immediately changed when I finally became a parent almost two years ago. […]

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Common People. Common Table. Common Goal.

Dinner groups have always been at the core of Hoboken Grace. Every dinner group is made up of common people from diverse backgrounds, gathered at a common table, pursuing a common goal. It is a practical and hopeful pathway for everyone seeking a closer relationship with God. Whether you are taking your first steps toward God or are a longtime follower of Jesus, dinner group will meet you right where you are.

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Show Up. Join In. Be Real.

Dinner Groups have started to meet and hope you’ve found a group to join! These groups exist to create community and provide a safe environment where people have the opportunity to pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth. In the weeks come, here are three simple ways you can get the most out of your group.

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Dinner Group

2019 Dinner Groups resume the week of January 7th and new groups launch January 21st. You can sign up for a Dinner Group now! Dinner Groups are a great way to find a place to belong, start building community by engaging with God, all while having fun. Here are 5 reasons we think you should join us for dinner in […]

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6 Ways to Invite Someone To Dinner Group

More than half of the guys in John’s dinner group didn't join by signing up online, as some people do. They're guys he simply met and invited. “They’ll joke around, like, oh yeah, this guy tried to get me for six months before I finally joined a group,” John says. But even when it’s a joke, there’s also some truth to that.

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Can’t Commit to a Dinner Group? Read This

With a growing number of people who have stepped into leadership, dinner groups are more accessible than ever. There are dinner groups for women, men, couples, families, middle school and high school students. There are groups that meet during the evenings, mornings and at lunchtime. But for some, being able to meet each week still proves difficult.

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Jumping Into Dinner Group

At one point, I expressed to Pastor Chris my concern that our dinner group seemed to have plateaued. He suggested we needed something that would give our group a jolt. I jokingly said maybe I should take the group skydiving. He thought that might be a good idea. I was kidding, but he was completely serious.

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Room to Grow

For years, Eric and Kristen turned down the idea of leading a dinner group. They were busy, and it seemed like a huge time commitment, almost like signing up for a second job. “I didn’t feel like I had the time, but I also didn’t feel like I met the standard of what a dinner group leader should be,” said Kristen. “All of these people would be looking to me for spiritual leadership and guidance. What if I messed up in my own life?”

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