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What will be said? What will be said of you after it’s all said and done? What will you leave behind? What will you contribute?

From early in our lives this question is asked of us. There are additional pressures applied. You need to prove our family can… They need to see our people can… We need to prove women can… You come from a family that does…

It all taps into a core desire for significance. We want to matter. Something tells us we should matter. Something tells us we’ve been given life for a reason and these things capture that desire and turn it into an insatiable drive that dictates our lives.

The desire is good. What captures it destroys us.

The desire is born out of reality. We are not an accident. We were created on purpose for a purpose. We were created to be uniquely part of the story.

We’ve missed, however, how that becomes our reality.

We believe it’s found in what this world celebrates. The accomplishments, the achievements, the glory, fame and acknowledgements consume us. They drive us on a journey that offers no resolution or satisfaction. Even when we feel we’ve arrived, there is more to be done, more to accomplish, more to impress. It’s a weight we cannot find relief from no matter how we try.

It’s into this that He steps, the Son of God himself. But He doesn’t come to impress, He comes to save. He doesn’t come for glory, accolades or fame; He comes for people. He comes not to get but to give. He comes stripped of glory to sacrificially give His life to save because He understands that significance is not found in what I have but in who I love. He changes the entire paradigm.

His message to us is simple. Legacy isn’t about achievements or accomplishments ㅡ it’s about people. It’s about the people we love. It’s about the people we give our life to save.

In the end it won’t be the titles that will be celebrated or the family names that are created. It will be about the people who are loved. He calls us to die to the significance of this world and to live life to care well for the people He puts in our path, even when it means we fail in the world’s eyes.

You were created to be uniquely part of His story. That unique role is not found in accomplishment ㅡ it’s found in love. Loving Him enough to follow Him in loving people more than fame or accolades, loving people more than acknowledgement or recognition, loving when no one knows or sees.

The significant will not be awarded here. They will be awarded there.

We are consumed with what will be said of us here, what will be written on our tombstone. He calls us to live for what will be said of us there, what will be celebrated for eternity.

Live for your legacy. Live for a legacy that lasts beyond this world. Live to love well those who are put in your path!

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