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Change You Can See

When it came to planning this year's 1Day, the Bridge Events Team reached out to dozens of local organizations, businesses and other churches, asking how volunteers could lend a hand. The result is a still-growing list of nearly 25 projects that reach every corner of Hoboken. Nearly 100 volunteers alone will be working at the Hoboken Housing Authority, focusing on 11 projects in six different buildings.

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Pick Your Track

Amplify is back! Hoboken Grace’s one-day growth conference is designed to boost your faith and your pursuit of Christ by equipping you to move forward in specific areas of personal growth. That might mean developing stronger spiritual habits, exploring your gifts, gaining confidence in telling your story or learning new ways to read different books of the Bible.

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Jumping Into Dinner Group

At one point, I expressed to Pastor Chris my concern that our dinner group seemed to have plateaued. He suggested we needed something that would give our group a jolt. I jokingly said maybe I should take the group skydiving. He thought that might be a good idea. I was kidding, but he was completely serious.

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Financial Advice … at Church?

When I first started exploring Hoboken Grace’s website, the “Next Steps” page was surprising. Amid Bible studies, premarital classes and upcoming retreat information was a section on Financial Peace University, a nine-week course that teaches God’s way of managing your personal money matters.

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1Day, Big Impact

On Saturday, September 30, Hoboken Grace will once again blanket our city with hundreds of volunteers for the annual 1Day Hoboken event. Each year, the number of volunteers grows, and the impact on the community is magnified. “There is something that connects your hands to your heart when you are able to serve people in a way that actually takes […]

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Starting This Fall

When was the last time you actually experienced rest? When was the last time you felt rested? To a world on the brink of exhaustion, Jesus says He brings rest. What if He actually can? Join us this Sunday, September 10th, as we kick off our new series, Rest.   Pick a service time that works for you here.  

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Room to Grow

For years, Eric and Kristen turned down the idea of leading a dinner group. They were busy, and it seemed like a huge time commitment, almost like signing up for a second job. “I didn’t feel like I had the time, but I also didn’t feel like I met the standard of what a dinner group leader should be,” said Kristen. “All of these people would be looking to me for spiritual leadership and guidance. What if I messed up in my own life?”

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Yes, You Can Reach People

As Director of Outreach, I often notice that people don’t see themselves as capable of reaching their neighbors, coworkers or community. Before coming on board at Hoboken Grace, I wasn’t entirely sure God could use me to reach others either. I felt held back by my lack of knowledge. I didn’t have a degree from some prestigious seminary, I couldn’t speak or read the Bible’s original Greek or Hebrew, and I couldn’t tell you where Capernaum is on a map.

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Seeing Double

Twin sisters Karen and Cristina do almost everything together, and that included planning to co-lead a dinner group two years ago. But toward the end of 2015, both sisters felt God nudging them to lead a group of their own. Forming two groups would mean twice as many people would be able to experience the community they'd found. But it would also mean stepping completely outside their comfort zone.

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Why We’re Throwing a Party This Saturday

You're invited to a party this Saturday at Liberty State Park! It's an opportunity to support the staff and teen interns at New City Kids, one of Hoboken Grace’s partners, while those who lead, love and serve 24/7 during the school year get to take a break and have some fun together.

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Hopeful Grieving

I learned my mom’s disease was terminal the moment she was diagnosed. I remember the doctor coming out of surgery and ushering me into a quiet room that was just off from the waiting room. I sat anxiously awaiting the results from her surgery. “Your mom is in serious trouble,” he said. He was a kind doctor and his eyes told me he was deeply saddened by the news he had to deliver.

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A Moment Months in the Making

After serving on the Family Life Team for nearly two years, Angie has been on stage for countless baptisms at Hoboken Grace. But while each one was special in its own way, this one was different. Now a dinner group leader, Angie had been a part of the many conversations, prayers and text messages leading up to this moment.

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