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The Top Blog Posts of 2016

They’re stories about waiting, feeling restless and stretching comfort zones. They’re stories about feeling driven to your wit’s end, guardrails, oh yeah, and that crazy Uber thing.

But they’re also about looking — for breathing room, or a place to call home. And they’re about finding — and redefining our ideas of family, community and value.

picsOut of more than 100 blog posts, these were the most read stories of 2016:

Portraits: A Bigger Plan

We’re Celebrating in an Uber Way

Parenting’s Dreaded Conversations

Portraits: Finding Value

Guardrails: You Want Me to Do WHAT?

God Uses Everything!

The Story of Hoboken Grace

Breathing Room

When There’s No Time for Dinner Group

Chosen: God’s Lifeline of Love

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