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You were created to be in community, connected to those around you and the God who loves you. God doesn’t just want you to know and love Him; He also wants you to know and love His family.

At Hoboken Grace

  1. Serving together as a group is a great way to live your calling. In your group, decide on a service project your group can do together. You can find project ideas in your community. Simply go to edgewatergrace.com/partnerships to learn how you can serve our partners both locally and globally.
  2. Check out our upcoming connection events at edgewatergrace.com/events and on the Hoboken Grace App!

In Your Community

Each year we host three major events that are designed to love our community in a big way. These events are a great opportunity to also include your friends who are not yet connected by serving our community together.

1 Day

Christmas Exchange

Easter Egg Hunt

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